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Reasons Why Michael Sam Was Cut By St. Louis Rams

Everyone wants to know the reasons why Michael Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams. There is speculation that Michael Sam may have been cut by the St. Louis Rams because he is gay was attracting too much media attention. St. Louis Rams Coach Jeff Fisher says that the decision to cut Michael Sam was strictly a football decision and that he was pulling for him to make the team. Since getting cut from the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam has publicly thanked the Rams for drafting him. Share this…


NFL’s First Openly Gay Dude Michael Sam Released by St. Louis Rams

Michael Sam, who is the NFL’s first openly gay dude, was released by the St. Louis Rams. Michael Sam became famous for being the first NFL player to openly admit living a gay homosexual lifestyle in the NFL. The St. Louis Rams drafted him this year but he did not make the 2014 roster and was released by the team. The following video is back before this year’s draft when Michael Sam did an interview talking about being gay and wanting to play in the NFL. Share this…


Redskins Make Major Move to Draft Robert Griffin III

The Washington Redskins have made a major move to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Redskins will give up three first-round picks (in 2012, 2013 and 2014) and this year’s second-rounder to the St. Louis Rams in a trade that will allow them to pick Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft. It is obvious that the Washington Redskins have been desperate to fix their problems at the quarterback position. They made big news a couple of seasons ago when the Donovan McNabb trade did not work out for them. The Redskins made a gutsy move giving up so


Rams Pick Sam Bradford as #1 Overall Pick in 2010 Draft

The St. Louis Rams selected QB Sam Bradford as the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Share this…


McNabb Trade Talk

The Eagles seem to be open to trade talk regarding Donovan McNabb. McNabb maybe considered expendable to the Eagles because he’s entering the final season of his contract and Kolb is considered the quarterback of the future. Some of the teams that maybe interested in the the six time Pro Bowl quarterback include the Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Rams, and the Buffalo Bills. Share this…